US Navy Photo by Capt. John R. Leenhouts.

Life in aviation is froth with spectacular moments that vaporize in the blink of an eye. Hopefully the event leaves a clear and indelible image in the brain which inspires us to experience flight over and over again. A photograph of the action is even better yet than the mental recollection for it is not only actual historical footage, but can be shared around they world with enthusiasts of all calibers.

José Ramos is one of those gifted artistic photographers who can capture that essence of an aviation occurrence with both accuracy and creative beauty. I was fortunate to meet José over 20 years ago when he was just beginning his adventure with photography and had the chance to direct him into aviation as a photographic venue. Throughout those evolving years he rose from total obscurity to international prominence as an accomplished and respected aerial photographer. José worked diligently during that period to create a reputation of consistently producing exciting images of a myriad of aircraft whether in dynamic flight or poised gracefully on the ground. Additionally, he immersed himself into the Naval Aviation community, gained genuine respect, and thereby afforded himself the opportunity to become flight qualified in every carrier based aircraft. As a strong supporter of Naval Aviation, he has dedicated hundreds of hours creating and sharing naval aircraft imagery around the world to enhance the general public's impression of the Sea Service.

It has been a true pleasure participating in and ultimately observing José's growth from an amature into a world class aviation photographer whose creativeness knows no bounds and his professionalism sets the bar for accurately capturing spectacular split seconds of fantastic flight.

Captain John R "Lites" Leenhouts, USN (Ret)
Naval Aviator & Photographer
1645 Traps